"Good Design Doesn't Date"
May 13, 2014 | CATEGORY: Site Launches

Since we’re clearly thrilled with our new look, we should probably take a quick moment to say something nice about our old site design. After all, it was still a design to be proud of even after five years of use. We scrapped our old site design for one important reason: because we could. We’re builders and designers, and we love to create new, beautiful work. How could we resist crafting something exciting for ourselves?

Even after five years, the design of our site still met our needs, and still brought new business in the door. This is something that we’re proud to say is true of all of the websites that we create. We design websites that will wow from day one, but that will also age gracefully. Over the last five years we’ve seen too many websites that initially embrace every hot new trend in web design, only to look tired and terribly out of fashion within a year.  At Amplify we embrace design innovation, but we’re careful to embrace the changes that we believe will last, and will serve our customers well for years to come.

When our clients find that they are ready for a design change, our websites allow for new designs to be easily applied to the continually updated content management system that is the foundation of all our creations. This allows our clients to update the look of their websites without losing the familiarity and convenience of their existing  CMS, with no down time, and with significant savings of time and money.

(Today's title quote courtesy of Harry Seidler.)
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