"While We Are Postponing, Life Speeds By"
May 15, 2014 | CATEGORY: Throwback Thursday
It may technically be Throwback Thursday, but we’re refusing to look anywhere but straight ahead in today’s blog post! Here’s the conversation that’s gotten us so riled up and focused firmly on moving forward:

Amplify Team Mate to Prospective Client: “I see that it’s been six years since you launched your business website. Your site currently won’t display on tablets or mobile phones because it’s very Flash-heavy. I see you also aren’t able to update your photos or information, as your last ‘What’s New’ article was posted in late 2008. Do you think it’s time to undertake a redesign of your website?”

Prospective Client: “No, there’s no need. It’s doing everything we need it to.”


It may be unprofessional to sigh in exasperation, but it can be difficult to explain to someone that the only thing their website is doing for them is representing their company as sloppy, dated, and unconcerned with progress, appearance, or convenience to customers. Every year more consumers are choosing to engage with companies online, rather than through their brick and mortar stores. No business owner would allow their storefront to become a rundown relic, yet all too many are perfectly willing to let this happen to their online storefront.

Fortunately for us, while some business owners delay, others are seizing the moment to rush ahead of their competition. The result? They are able to present a better image of their business while also offering more convenience to their customers. The quote that titles today’s blog is almost 2000 years old, yet it remains perfectly true today. While business owners postpone, life, and their competition, is going to speed right on by.

(Today’s title quote courtesy of Seneca.)
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