"In About The Same Degree As You Are Helpful, You Will Be Happy."
Jun 19, 2014 | CATEGORY: Client News
We're proud of the warm  and productive relationships we have with our clients here at Amplify Media, and we like to think that one of the reasons our relationships succeed is because we're always willing to help and support each other. A phone call we received yesterday is a great example of this point.

One of our clients was having a very busy work day and just when she was most pressed for time, her computer keyboard decided to switch to French characters only. This turned every ? into a É and made writing some very important emails pretty much impossible. So she called us, her web design people. It's not really our area of expertise, but she knew that we'd be able to help, and more importantly, that we'd be happy to help.

Fixing her keyboard took two minutes, we both had a good laugh at her mild misfortune, and then we each went about our day. Taking that time cost us nothing, it helped our client out of a jam, and it reminded us both that we can rely on each other. But what it demonstrated most is that this reliability and willingness to help is a given fact in our relationship.

We try to establish this kind of connection with all our clients, and we're very proud to say that by and large we've succeeded. This connection works both ways, and we're very grateful that our clients have been just as eager to form long lasting relationships that endure long after the official website projects have been completed. 

Want to learn more about what it's like to work with us here at Amplify? Visit our online portfolio and call any of our clients. Or better yet, call us at 406-2673 and learn first hand.

(Today's title quote courtesy of Karl Reiland.)
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