"Knowledge Is Power"
Jun 25, 2014 | CATEGORY: Industry News
At Amplify Media this week we’ve been highlighting local businesses that have impressed us in various ways, and today we’re looking at two companies that have repeatedly brought an impressive and effective knowledge base to their operations. Today’s shout outs are both going to Burnside based companies: electronics distributor Jentronics, and everything but the kitchen sink distributor Princess Auto. (Okay, they probably have kitchen sinks too. What don’t they have?)

In our work with Jentronics we’ve seen the expertise of their staff up close time and time again. No electronics question is beyond their capabilities, and if they don’t have an answer right away, they’ll find someone who does in record time, every time. Even if you don’t know the name of the component that you're working with, you can just upload pictures to Jentronics’ product finder (check it out here) and they’ll reply with all the details and advice you need. Whether it’s a question about a single tiny component, or troubleshooting logistics on massive commercial or industrial operations, the people at Jentronics will have the knowledge and the expertise to handle any problem or request you can bring to them.

Our second shout out is going not to a client, but to a business that we like to visit on our lunch breaks just to look around, ask questions, and be amazed at the detailed responses we receive every time from any staff member we approach. Princess Auto sells a bewildering array of products, and yet the staff all seem to know a lot about every item in the store. They’ll find what you need, recommend helpful companion products that could help, and will give you helpful tips and instructions to help simplify any project. (They'll even tell you why it’s called Princess Auto, despite the conspicuous absence of autos or princesses.)

Every business that thrives does so because of the dedication of the people behind it. Both of these companies have shown that their employees are committed to learning as much as they can to be as helpful as possible to every customer that walks in the doors. Call or visit them yourself, and prepare to be impressed.

(Today's title quote courtesy of Francis Bacon.)
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