"True Compassion Means Not Only Feeling Another's Pain But Also Being Moved To Help Relieve It"
Jun 27, 2014 | CATEGORY: Industry News
We’ve been sending kudos out to talented local businesses all week, and today we’re mixing it up a little bit by highlighting two fantastic non-profit organizations who are making a huge difference in our community.

For our client shout-out, we’re giving a big thank you to Homebridge Youth. Since 1977, Homebridge Youth has been providing safe and compassionate residential care for high risk youth in the child welfare system. Every year Homebridge helps over 140 youths between the ages of 12 and 18, giving them support and room to grow and thrive. If you would like to support Homebridge in their efforts to serve our province’s most vulnerable youths, you can donate through Canada Helps on Homebridge’s website. (www.homebridgeyouth.ca)

The second amazing non-profit we’re highlighting today is Adsum for Women and Children. For over three decades, Adsum has provided support and safe spaces to women, children, youths, and transgender individuals experiencing periods of homelessness. Adsum strives to provide assistance in a judgement-free environment, with the goal of taking those in need from crisis to stability. We’re incredibly impressed with Adsum’s efforts to bring security, hope and self-esteem to those who need it most. If you’d like to help in these efforts, you can also donate through Canada Helps on Adsum’s website. (www.adsumforwomen.org)

(Today's title quote courtesy of Daniel Goleman.)
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