“Our Work Is The Presentation Of Our Capabilities”
Jul 9, 2014 | CATEGORY: Client News
Sometimes our clients here at Amplify Media ask funny questions. Not long ago one client in particular asked us if we were capable of doing a print media campaign for them. It was a funny question because to us the answer seemed obvious. We have incredibly gifted designers and copywriters on staff who, admittedly, do most of their work for online presentations. Not only are they capable of executing brilliant print campaigns, but they love the opportunity to work in a different medium.

Creative work is a funny thing because the boundaries of how and where we work are so fluid. No one at Amplify is committed to working in only one way, on only one type of project. Quite the opposite. If a service isn’t listed on our website as one that we offer, it’s either because we can’t easily offer examples on our website, or because we simply haven’t been asked to do that kind of work yet.

Bringing a web project to us is the start of most of our client relationships, but it is invariably never the end. The more time we spend with our clients the more they realize how broad our capabilities are, and the more we understand what needs they have and how we can meet those needs. A number of our clients have been with us for years after their initial web projects were completed. They keep finding new work for us to do, and we keep proving to them that there’s no challenge we can’t take on.

It’s a mutually beneficial system, and one that helps our business and our clients’ businesses continue to thrive.

(Today’s title quote courtesy of Edward Gibbon.)
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