"There Is Just One Life For Each Of Us: Our Own"
Jul 17, 2014 | CATEGORY: Random Stuff
We make no secret here at Amplify about our pride in our community, and as Halifax Pride rolls around again we’re reminded once more just what an open, accepting, and positive place our city can be. The enthusiasm with which the people and businesses of our community celebrate Pride is truly inspiring. For those of us who have lived and worked here for years, it’s a reminder of how much our society has changed for the better. Lives once lived quietly and in fear are now lived and celebrated with gusto, as all lives should be.

No community is perfect, but when it comes to accepting and valuing the rights of our citizens to live openly and proudly, Halifax is a fine example that should be emulated far and wide. This Halifax Pride, we should be proud of our inclusive civic culture. We should greet each other warmly and respectfully, and with gratitude at the culture of openness that our fellow citizens nurture and strengthen each day. Not every community is as fortunate as ours, and not every community has put in the hard work and benefited from the years of advocacy as Halifax has. So be proud, live the life that is your own, and celebrate it all with gusto.

Happy Pride, Halifax.

(Today's title quote courtesy of Euripides.)
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