“Everything Was Just ‘That’ll Do’.”
Jul 25, 2014 | CATEGORY: Random Stuff
If you’re a fan of loud, occasionally controversial British people (who isn’t?), you may know the context of the Jeremy Clarkson quote that makes up today’s title. Clarkson was talking about the people who built the Range Rover, a vehicle he deemed to be ingeniously designed, but ruined by manufacturers with a ‘That’ll do’ attitude. It’s an important reminder that even the most perfectly designed projects can go terribly awry without a commitment to impeccable quality in the development stage, and it’s why the words ‘That’ll do’ are considered close to profanity here at Amplify Media.

At Amplify we take an extraordinarily dim view towards statements like ‘That’ll do’ and ‘It’s good enough’. If it’s only good enough, it most certainly will not do. Our designers put in incredible amounts of effort on every project, and it would be a disservice to them if our developers put in anything less than their absolute best when bringing these designs to life. Any work that we produce has to impress not only our clients, but also every member of our firm. If one person in our office isn’t visibly impressed, then we keep working because what we’ve made isn’t ‘good enough’. If the finished project has the entire team marvelling loudly about the talent and dedication of their co-workers, then and only then can someone say ‘that’ll do’ without putting a dollar in the swear jar.

(Today’s quote courtesy of Jeremy Clarkson.)
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