"Unless You Have Absolute Clarity Of What Your Brand Stands For, Everything Else Is Irrelevant"
Jul 31, 2014 | CATEGORY: Client News
Here at Amplify we're better known for our web design projects, but we're very pleased to be growing both our reputation and our portfolio when it comes to branding work.

When Medavie EMS came to us looking for a new branding design for their digital and print materials, they presented us with a unique challenge. They needed brand imagery that would suit not only the Medavie EMS parent company, but that could also be adapted to each of their subsidiary companies across Canada.

What we created for Medavie is a bright and bold branding design that can be easily customized to suit the needs and tastes of each subsidiary company. The design work that we created for their website, business cards, letterheads, presentation templates and more can all be customized to each subsidiary's individual look and colour schemes, while still remaining in line with the overall brand aesthetic.

You can get the first look at Medavie's new branding on their website at www.medavieems.com.

(Today's title quote courtesy of Mark Baynes.)
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