Outdated Sites
May 8, 2014 | CATEGORY: Throwback Thursday
It's Throwback Thursday and we're making fun of someone's poor, outdated website. (We won't say who of course, but if it's you, for the sake of your customers please call us today!)

The picture below depicts an Internet trend that the vast majority of websites left behind in the 90's: the traffic counter. Obviously monitoring site traffic is an important part of administering you website, but traffic numbers are something that should be tracked in private, not out in the open for everyone to see.

If your traffic numbers are high, that's great for you, but it looks awfully tacky displayed openly on your site. If your numbers are low, that's far worse. Visitors are likely to either poke fun at your obviously underused site, or worse, they're likely to leave right away. If so few people have ever visited, they'll assume there's no reason for them to stick around.

This particular website also shows something that is outdated in a different way. While most websites today continue to display a copyright or 'last updated' date, the vast majority display a date from the current year, or last year at the earliest. Leaving a clearly outdated copyright on your website shows one thing: you don't care about your site, which is interpreted by visitors as you not caring about their browsing experience.

We'll poke fun at these particular flaws not out of malice, but to highlight the importance of considering the little things that make your website look dated and uninviting. If your own website is committing either of these faux pas, or you're curious about what other factors could be turning away potential customers, contact us today. We'll help you avoid the missteps and keep your website fresh, inviting, and an unassailable target for wisecracking web professionals.
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